Pictures from Friday Added

Hello Everyone!

Here are pictures from Friday, November 1st.  This was our day of sightseeing, fellowship, and waiting at the Airport before we flew home.   Again, thank you for your prayers as we served God on this trip!


This week’s Mission Trip Statistics

Every number represents a person who heard about Jesus through every area of our clinic. Praise God for what He has done. We could not have been used by God in this way without your prayer support. Thank you!

Dentist 103 patients 138 teeth extracted
Dental cleanings 144
General Clinic Patients 295
Pediatric Clinic patients 188
Total medical clinic patients 483
Eyes patients 371
Prescriptions filled 1,496
Professions of Faith in Jesus 252

Mission Team Arrives In US

Good afternoon everyone! Our Mission team had a five hour delay because of mechanical problems with our plane last night in Rio. We just arrived in Charlotte and came through customs smoothly, and are preparing to connect with our final flights home this evening. We praise God for an amazing week! Keep checking back here for final statistics and more pictures of all that God has done this week. Thank you for your prayers!

Daily Devotional: Friday, November 1



Take a few minutes to write your own story of how you saw God show up this week. We ask you to share this with Scott or Carol. It doesn’t have to be eloquently written, just your thoughts on paper.  These will be the stories that will inspire and encourage the next team’s devotional book.  Please pray, then write, as God leads you. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

ONLINE PRAYER PARTNERS: Thank you for being a vital part of this mission trip through your prayers, encouragement, and support.  Please e-mail us your testimonies and feedback as you have shared in God’s work.  You can e-mail testimonies and feedback to, or to


Expect great things from God.  Attempt great things for God.”

William Carey 1761-1834

Known as the Father of Modern Missions

God Changes Lives on Our Last Day of Clinic – A Tearful Goodbye

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Today was our final day of clinic.  It was a bittersweet day.  Our team was already tearful before the clinic began. As our team members got off the bus and headed into the church, the people lined up in front of the church clapped and cheered.  Why would people clap for us?  God reminded us that the reason people were being changed was not that we are extraordinary people. The reason is that God is an all-powerful, all-holy God who chooses to save ordinary, sinful people, and to bless them by allowing them to be included in His work.

God blessed us with many more changed lives today.  People came to know Jesus as Savior, and Christians from neighboring churches in the area came to receive care and encouragement from our team and our partner church’s members.

Jimmy Price reported from the eye clinic today.  He said that he had the joy of leading a lady to know Jesus yesterday in the eye clinic, and this morning when he looked out into the line and saw the same lady smiling and waving, he was overcome with joy and he was very emotional because she looked so joyful and full of peace.  He said that he was proud of how everyone on the eye team served The Lord and worked together for His glory.

Scott had the joy of sharing the Gospel with a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and leading them to receive Jesus today.  They were overjoyed to know that instead of depending on good works and following a regime of rules and beliefs, they could simply turn away from trying to earn heaven on their own. The only hope for them was to give control of their lives to Jesus, placing themselves into God’s hands.  The family members left with their new Bibles in hand, ready to begin the adundant life of following Jesus one day at a time.  Please pray for this family as they face the challenge of telling those around them about their new relationship with Jesus.

Keith McLeod provided this report for the Evangelism Team.  He said that the person that impacted him this most this week was Norma, his interpreter.  Keith shared that he can’t go home the same.  He said that while he enjoyed this trip, he was very convicted.  He said that while he is a minister of the Gospel at home, he is grieved that he and his church at home need to be more broken for the lost and more successful at sharing their faith personally.  He said that it grieved him that his church at home doesn’t burn for reaching lost people, and there is not a deep enough desire to see people saved.  This is a common problem in many American churches.  Our entire team agreed to pray for all our churches at home and for own lives, that we would be more passionate about reaching the lost and sharing God’s plan with everyone He places in front of us.

Vicki Mason shared her thoughts on the week.  She said that she was amazed at how people who don’t even know each other got together, bonded together by Jesus, to become a beautiful team that accomplishes a common purpose.  It amazed her that God ordered everything that we did and that He had provided people from America, the translator team, and the church workers with different gifts, talents, and personalities to meet every need that needed to be met this week. She said, “I’ve witnessed the power of God in an unbelievable way this week. Our God is an awesome God!”

At the end of our clinic today, our team gathered with the church workers to celebrate all that God has done this week.  As everyone prayed, sang, and had fellowship, the Holy Spirit filled the room in a powerful way yet again.  It was one of those moments that nobody there will forget for the rest of their lives. God showed Himself in a way few people experience this side of heaven. Everyone in this afternoon’s service experienced the koinonia love, community, and fellowship described in the New Testament in a very pure, beautiful form.  God has given our team a special bond with the people of Costa Barros.  Please pray for this wonderful church, and for Pastor Douglas and his family, as they serve Jesus and disciple new believers  in the days ahead.

We will post statistics from today and this week’s totals tomorrow morning. Please pray for us as we pack and prepare to head home tomorrow night.  Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!  We love you all and appreciate your being part of God’s work in this way.


Please pray for us as we pack and get our things together tonight.

Please pray for us to have a smooth flight home tomorrow night, and for a smooth entrance into the United States Saturday Morning.

Please pray for us to enjoy fellowship as we see God’s handiwork around Rio de Janeiro tomorrow as we go to Sugarloaf Mountain and to the top of the mountain where the Christ the Redeemer Statue is located.  Please pray for good weather for us.

Please pray for us to be a good witness for Jesus to our tour guides and others along our path tomorrow.

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Daily Devotional: Thursday, October 31


Read Ephesians 6:18-23

It’s been a fight to the finish for Paul as he concludes this letter to the Ephesians.  What 4 things does he ask them to pray?  In his final greeting he expresses encouragement, peace and love.  Describe your feelings as you think of leaving.


Sunday morning as we journeyed to Costa Barros in our nice air-conditioned bus, we passed small stores on the street with offerings so meager you wondered how they stayed in business.  We saw houses with merely walls and no roofs.  We saw houses with more animals living there than people.  Then we reached the church and were greeted by warm, loving fellow Christians.  They were just like us in God’s eyes, no matter what the conditions they lived around.  I was reminded of the words the song Land of the Free.  It talks about heaven.

Little Elba, how’s the rain in South America, does it fall upon the rooftops of the sick?  Do they thank the Lord for coming up with such a great idea and dream about a place beyond all this?  Or are they just like us, do they gripe and fuss about the rain and mud when they’ve had too much, ‘cause I’m just a little jealous of the nothing that you have. You’re unfettered by the wealth of a world that we pretend is going to last.  They say God blessed us with plenty but I say you’re blessed with poverty, ‘cause you never stop to wonder if earth is better than the Land of the Free.

I was convicted of all the “stuff” that surrounds my life.  When I saw the true joy on the faces of the Brazilian Christians and saw it expressed in their lives, I realized how “sidetracked” my life gets with just “stuff.”  I pray to be “unfettered by the wealth of this world.”


PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the new believers and for the Discipleship programs that will be started for them in Costa Barros.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for traveling mercies as we journey back to our loved ones, and pray for our new-found friends also!

God Continues to Change Lives

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God continues to miraculously change lives as we serve Him this week!  Here are some reports on how He worked today.

Debbie McBee reported that the eye team had an awesome day.  There was one lady who came into the clinic who said that she was not ready to give her life to Jesus.  While our team faithfully shared Jesus with her, she began to tear up and shared that she is waiting for test results to find out if she has breast cancer.  While she did not receive Jesus today at the clinic, she left thinking about God’s invitation to place her life into His hands.  Please pray for her, that she will receive Jesus.

Greg Boston reported that they had a little girl who came into the dental clinic who was screaming and crying.  The girl’s mother shared that she had recently taken the girl to the local dentist, and said that she got up when it was time for her tooth to be pulled, she ran out of the office screaming and made the people around think that her mother was abusing her.  Her mom brought her to Greg, hoping that he could help take care of her daughter’s abscessed teeth.  After the teeth were pulled (she screamed the entire time Greg pulled her teeth in the room, which is like an echo chamber), she went around the room hugging everyone and telling everyone that it didn’t hurt at all and she was very relieved.  While it was comical, Greg and the extraction team were thankful that they got to minister to her today.

Cheryl Lack said that they had a lady at the dental cleaning area thinking that she wasn’t going to go to heaven because she tended to get mad at her husband and yell at him, even though there had been a point in her life she had given her life to Jesus.  Ben came from evangelism and shared with the lady that if she has given her life to Jesus, she could trust in knowing that God had forgiven her, and that His relationship with her had not ended because of her struggle. Ben told her that if she would depend on Jesus one day at a time, He would help her to love her husband, to be more patient with him, and to show God’s love to him.  She left smiling and filled with peace. This lady had her teeth cleaned and cared for, but the spiritual strength and encouragement she received today was the most lasting and important gift.

Shawn Braden shared that he had the joy of leading a lady to Jesus yesterday, and she came back this morning. As she left yesterday, she told him that she was going to begin reading the book of John in the new Bible he had given her. Today, she came back, and showed Shawn that she had read the entire book of John, and that God was really speaking to her.  She tearfully showed Shawn and Mike Drummond highlighted passages where God had spoken to her, and she let them know that she would be attending a small group and discipleship classes at Pastor Douglas’ church to grow much deeper in her walk with Jesus.  Praise The Lord!

Tricia shared that she, Ben, Scott, and Tulio went back to the school this morning.  With the group of middle and high school students, they got to sing English songs for the kids, lead worship songs in Portuguese with guitar and piano, and Scott and Tulio shared the Gospel.  When Scott invited the students to receive Jesus, the Holy Spirit showed up in an unmistakable way.  21 students professed that they prayed to receive His forgiveness and to begin a relationship with God, and the other students who were already Christians rejoiced to see their friends giving their lives to Him.  The time at the school ended with a powerful time of worship, celebration, and fellowship.  Pastor Douglas is excited to see the number of Christian students in the school growing, and he is helping them to organize Christian clubs to strengthen their ministries among the community’s young people.

Pastor Douglas shared with Sharon, Greg, and Scott that this was the most he has seen God move in one week since mission teams have been coming to partner with his church. He said that as people pray to receive Jesus this week, more people than ever before are calling him and wanting to attend Bible studies and to grow in their walk with God.  His phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to talk more about following Jesus, and with church members who are excited about all that God is doing.  He already has many visits planned to follow up on all the decisions for Jesus that are being made this week.  Please pray for all those who will be reached in the church’s follow-up ministries during the coming weeks.

Here are today’s statistics.  The greatest joy in this is knowing that every single person we saw experienced a clear presentation of the Gospel, an invitation to follow Jesus, and prayers of encouragement.

Dental extraction – 40 Patients (50 teeth extracted)

Dental cleaning – 43 Patients

General Medical Clinic – 93 Patients

Pediatric Medical Clinic – 96 Children treated

Pharmacy – 427 Prescriptions Filled

Eye Team – 128 Patients

Professions of Faith – 78 Souls Added to God’s Kingdom (Praise The Lord!)


Thank you for praying for us to be able to rest last night.  Please pray again for us to be able to be rested tonight so we are ready to serve Him tomorrow.

Pray for our final day of clinic at the church tomorrow, as we minister to the community and say goodbye to our friends in Costa Barros.

Pray for Pastor Douglas, his wife Rose, and his daughters Rebekah and Raquel.  While God is blessing their ministry, they are in the midst of a spiritual battle.  Pray for God to pour out His blessings on them as they serve Jesus.

Pray for our partner church as they follow up and minister to all the people who made decisions for Jesus this week.

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